'OC Register' Requires Commenters to Use Facebook

In an extraordinary mea culpa written today by Orange County Register editor Ken Brusic, the paper announced that it's forcing anyone who wants to leave a comment on one of its stories to log in via Facebook.

The reason? Their readers are racist losers, and they can't do anything to stop them from being racist losers--except make said racist losers identify themselves publicly.

"We tried blocking comments and banning the worst of the users," Brusic wrote. "At one point, we had two people policing the comments as their full-time work. But the most persistent kept finding ways to return, ruining the experience for others and driving away the larger audience."

The Liberal OC called this a while back, and the Reg's racist loser readers, of course, ain't liking it. "Bye Register...tis been fun," one wrote. "I refuse to enter the Facebook domain and let me information become public...for what?? To comment on obvious illegal immigration propoganda and support?? No thanks!! That is all the register has become anyway!! BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

"OCR = Big Babies," wrote another. And on and on and on...

On our end, we welcome the Reg's disaffected audience to come our way--not only do we allow anonymous comments (although no sock puppetry), we also interact with you and call you pendejos, making much merriment for all sides involved. Flame you soon!


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