OC Mexicans Have Hated America Since Forever

Proof? An 1899 Los Angeles Times article I found detailing the exploits of one Joaquin Gonzales. Seems he spat upon an American flag and a virtuous White man knocked him out. When Gonzales tried to get up, according to the Times' correspondent, "his feet was again sent to the pavement." The craven greaser left to find a gun and brandished it at the gabacho, only to get disarmed. "If experience counts for anything," the Times concluded, "it will be a long time before Gonzales again takes liborties [sic] with the Stars and Stripes. The service of a surgeon were necessary to make his face presentable."

In other news, what's the latest on the Larry "Nativo" Lopez felony counts? And here's the musical equivalent of Gonzales' sentiments:


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