OC Mexican Dodgers Fans Invade Dodgers Stadium with Their Loud-Ass Music!

The day is this past Tuesday; the occasion, Opening Day for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The music is tamborazo, the brass-band racket native to Zacatecas; the group, from Jerez, where my parents and thousands of Orange County residents are from (most of them coming LEGALLY, because their parents were anchor babies in the days of the Mexican Revolution), which means I'm probably related to half of the people in this video (and I swear, I think one of the guys is the nephew of my best from from Sunkist Elementary in Anaheim). The song is a zapateado; the Reconquista, real. But, hey: this music beats the hatecore CDs that skinheads STILL hand out to unsuspecting fans in the parking lot after home games for your Los Angeles Angels of Anacrime (have already received reports of skins doing that this this season), ¿qué  no? Enjoy!


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