OC Drivers on the Pipe

According to the for-profit Orange County Automobile Dealers Association, the top new retail car and truck registrations this year through May:

Toyota: 29.3%

GM: 12%

Honda: 11.5%

Ford: 9.7%

DaimlerChrysler: 6.3%

Nissan: 5.6%

According to the nonprofit Environmental Defense, the percentage of carbon dioxide--the main pollutant causing global warming--emitted by vehicles on the basis of brand through 2004 was:

GM (64.4 million vehicles): 31%

Ford (49.8 million): 26%

DaimlerChrysler (30.4 million): 16%

Toyota (18.6 million): 9%

Honda (13.3 million): 6%

Nissan (10 million): 5%

You'll notice that those with the most cars on the road naturally had the highest pollutant percentage. Environmental Defense added that the U.S. accounts for 5% of the world's population but contributes 45% of the world's emissions of carbon dioxide. Americans own 30% of the world's vehicles, drive farther than the international average and burn more gasoline per gallon than anyone else. Which can mean only one thing:

WOO-HOO! WE'RE NO. 1!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!


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