Zuleica Zepeda
Zuleica Zepeda

OC Chicana All-Stars to Plant 'Seeds of Resistance' During Panel in SanTana!

A panel of OC's Chicana All-Stars will be convening this weekend in SanTana. Organized by the Seeds of Resistance woman of color collective, the dialogue brings together the voices of mujeres committed to the arts and social justice. It all takes place at--where else?--El Centro Cultural de Mexico in the city's downtown.

Joining the local women is special guest Mare Advertencia Lirika. The Zapotec feminist 'Xip-Xop' rapper from Oaxaca, Mexico was profiled in the pages of the Weekly last year when she performed a number of shows in SanTana and Long Beach.

If you missed her last time around, no excuses: she's back!

As for the panel, it will be co-facilitated by Carolina Sarmiento and Cristina Flores, Participants include Seeds of Resistance co-founder and badass graphic designer Zuleica Zepeda. Joining her will be Elvia Susana Rubalcava, Board President of Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble, DJ Michelle, named 'Best DJ' in our Best Of 2011 issue, and current Weekly intern Marilynn Montano. In all, fourteen women will be a part of the discussion.


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What will the OC Chicana All-Stars be talking about? Interested parties will have to go and find out. But lest people think that the dismantling of the controversial PBID tax earlier this year has quelled the dissension over gentrification in SanTana's downtown corridor, look no further than the Spanglish poetry in the video for "Cambios" by Montano who is also a program coordinator for the Barrio Writers program!

A hip-hop fandango will follow and vegan food will be provided at the event. Go, go, go!

Planting Words: A Dialogue with Womyn Committed to the Arts & Social Justice takes place at El Centro Cultural de Mexico, 313 N. Birch St., Santa Ana. Sat., 6 p.m. All Ages. $5 suggested donation.

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