OC-Based Record, Film Producer Christopher B. Stokes Files Defamation Lawsuits

Entertainment world polymath Christopher B. Stokes filed two civil lawsuits this month in Orange County Superior Court alleging that two entities, a Youtube channel and an online radio show, violated California law by committing defamation against his character.

Stokes--a music producer tied to B2K and Brandy, and a film director from House Party 4 and You Got Served--filed his May 2 lawsuits seeking at least $2 million in damages from Shadyatlien, the Youtube channel, and IP617FM.COM (a.k.a. IP617RadioTV), a Massachusetts-based enterprise.

The Anaheim Hills resident, a self-styled "entertainment mogul" who is the son of actress Irene Stokes, accuses the two entities of presenting the public "libelous material" that "defames plaintiff's character, broadcasts/transmits a falsified story, negatively portrays plaintiff's name/public image" in a "fraudulent nature."

In his lawsuits, Stokes claims that he has previously notified the two entities of his concerns and asked that the materials be removed from public consumption, but didn't gain satisfactory compliance.

Though Stokes doesn't mention what specific statements he considers defamatory--omissions he'll have to correct if the lawsuits will have any chance to proceed to a jury trial, the broadcasts pertain to radio talk show hosts viciously ridiculing him for his past relationship with actor/musician Raz-B (a.k.a. De'Mario Monte Thornton).

In his lawsuit, Stokes lists this Youtube video (and many others) as part of the defamation:

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