Newport Beach Home Schooler Used Young Girl as Sex Slave

To commit his serial sex crimes against a little girl, David Alan Goddard arranged the perfect setting.

While his wife worked long hours as a nurse, Goddard worked out of their Newport Beach home as a stock broker and insisted on home schooling "T.B.," the 12-year-old girl adopted by his mother-in-law.

Schooling quickly evolved into a disgusting nightmare for T.B.

Goddard regularly fingered and licked the girl's vagina. His conduct worsened when T.B. turned 13. That's when he forced her to masturbate him. It escalated further after her 14th birthday; he showed her pornographic movies, demanded blowjobs and ejaculated in her mouth. When she was 15, he began using her for regular sexual intercourse. Later, Goddard wrecked T.B.'s prom memories by demanding sex while she wore her formal dress.

The final act of horror occurred when Goddard, who'd moved to Santa Ana, raped T.B. on a living-room couch, pulled out of her vagina and ejaculated in her mouth. Unable to keep the secret any longer, she revealed her situation to a friend in a Facebook message, and the cops got involved.

Goddard pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen sex crimes and noted that T.B. used Netflix to view the title page for Matt Dillon's Wild Things, a film about a high-school student who fabricates that a teacher raped her. He also claimed his sperm could have been transferred to her underwear in the laundry hamper.

Newport Beach Home Schooler Used Young Girl as Sex Slave

Veteran Orange County prosecutor

Robert Mestman

won convictions on all counts at a 2010 trial, and Superior Court Judge

Richard F. Toohey

sent Goddard to prison.

Goddard appealed, claiming that Mestman cheated and that the evidence proved him innocent. He also wasn't happy that Toohey refused to let the jury hear the Wild Things evidence because, in his view, it established that T.B. was interested in the famous lesbian kiss in the film.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana backed Mestman's work as honorable, declared the movie issue irrelevant and let the convictions stand.

A minor child can never give legal consent for sex with an adult.



Upshot: Goddard, 49, will continue to serve an 18-year sentence at

Wasco State Prison

near Bakersfield.

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