Rush Hill, shit talker
Rush Hill, shit talker

Newport Beach City Councilman Rush Hill Catches Shit for Saying Shit

Newport Beach City Councilman Rush Hill caught shit last week for saying shit at a City Council meeting.

The word that network television doesn't even bleep anymore reportedly left audience members "gasping" and "booing" and "leaving"--as if Hill had introduced a resolution to make it easier for Latinos to fish off the pier or snag Little Corona beach picnic spots.

The Orange County Register sets up the controversy: folks from a group called Stop the Dock Tax crowded into the chambers Tuesday night to hurumph about city fees to dock a boat changing from a flat $100 fee to 52.5 cents a square foot.

Hill, who supports the increase, found it incorrect of foes to call the increase "exorbitant" if their fees increased from, say, $100 to $300. "That's just playing the game of wordsmanship to try to derail the activity," Hill is reported to have said.

His "bombshell" is said to have dropped after a protester yelled out, "What if you have to pay thousands?"

"We're here in a large part," Hill responded, "because previous councils did not want to take the kind of shit you're giving out."

He later apologized for his language but not his "attitude," explaining he will not tolerate Stop the Dock Tax antics against city staff and council members.

Meanwhile, go ahead and add dock fee increases to the long list of shit old people don't want to pay for.

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