New York Times Calls OC Weekly a "Lively Journal"--HELL YA!!!

Your favorite infernal rag, of course, gets called a lot of things, few of which are positive--and that's how we like it! We'd prefer people become a bit more inventive than saying they use us as birdcage liner--how about insulation? Or mulch? Those "alternative medicine" adds give tomatoes a much-needed boost!

Every once in a while, however, someone suffers a brain lapse and says nice things about us. So imagine our surprise when the Gray Lady herself, the New York Times, called us a "lively journal."


Tho occasion was a nice writeup on yours truly in support of my Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America. Reporter Julia Moskin covered much of my research efforts and, of course, had to discuss the paper where I work at, which she described as "a lively journal."

You know we're going to run THAT blurb for the next 20 years, when you'll be picking us up in hologram form...gracias, Times, for legitimizing us for about five seconds! Now, back to our porno-and-pot-and-pedo-priest programming...

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