New OC Register LBC Paper to Debut in August, Have Lame Name: Long Beach Letter

The Orange County Register has confirmed to the Long Beach Business Journal this week what we reported last month: that they're launching a daily newspaper in Long Beach, to be bundled five days a week for subscribers and be offered elsewhere in the city.

Here's what the Biz Journal didn't get: the name. We got it, of course: The Long Beach Letter. LAME

And lest the city's residents expect the hard-hitting rag they deserve given the shadiness of the Port, the pollution, the corrupt pols, and so much more--think again. Already, the new publisher (the former publisher of the Long Beach Press-Telegram) is preaching the same feel-good pablum espoused by Reg owner Aaron Kushner. "Each day we will have in-depth stories about local people and the community issues that inspire, entertain and create anticipation for readers," publisher Ian Lamont told the Biz Journal.

In other words? Expect muchos pictures and blowjobs of the comfortable that Kushner so likes to not afflict.

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