Neo-Nazis Deface Baby Jesus in Huntington Beach with Hitler Mustache, Swastika and "Heil Hitler"

Oh, Huntington Beach: your neo-Nazi ways never cease to amaze and disgust the rest of Orange County. Whether it was the white-power music scene of the 1980s and 1990s, the apartment complexes taken over by PEN1 hanger-oners, the hate crimes or the random swastikas placed near the beach, you put the "Shitty" in Surf City. But you put the icing on the Hitler cake this past weekend, with news that vandals vandalized not one but TWO nativity scenes in HB with a trifecta of Totenkopf: a Hitler mustache, "Heil Hitler" AND swastikas. And not on the black wise man but on baby Jesus.

The defaced Nazarene at right comes from the manger of one Richard Candlish, an HB resident who told KCAL-TV Channel 9 reporter Jeff Nguyen that he was seriously disturbed at the idiots who did this. The other scene was at the scene at St. Bonaventure Church.

Some might think HB's neo-nitwits are innocent. See, there weren't other telltale valentines, like all the numbers that they like signifying David Lane this or Hitler birthday that, left at the scene of the crimes (investigators just might classify them as hate crimes). Instead, there was general juvenile doodling, like genitalia, pentagrams, and other crap.

But still: ain't it telling that in Huntington Beach, when it comes to vandalizing a fucking image of baby Jesus, that they'd make him up to be Hitler? That's gonna make adult Jesus made, just you wait...

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