Neel Kashkari, California's GOP Nominee for Governor, Gives Homelessness a Spin: VIDEO

Another homeless nutcicle on the street or California's next governor?
Another homeless nutcicle on the street or California's next governor?

The last time we told you about Neel Kashkari, the Republican nominee for governor out of Irvine was marching in a gay pride parade. Now, the investment banker and former U.S. Treasury Department official says he spent a week on the streets acting as if he was homeless.

Call us when you're crossing the border with those children and we swear we'll come out and shoot it, Neel.

Neel Kashkari Lets His Rainbow Flag Fly

The fruits of Kashkari's ... OK, stunt is too harsh. How about forced enlightenment? ... Starting over: The fruits of Kashkari's forced enlightenment are revealed in this video:

Kashkari says he took a Greyhound bus from Los Angeles to Fresno with $40 in his pocket, a change of clothing in his backpack and a sleeping bag with only one goal: find a job.

Spoiler alert: He didn't get the job--and by job we mean governor of California.

The Jerry Brown campaign calls the video bizarre, and a filmmaker who recently shot a documentary wonders why Kashkari chose Fresno over the most homeless home of the homeless, Skid Row in Los Angeles.

On the bright side, no maids were impregnated during the making of the video.

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