NBA Commissioner David Stern Shoots Down Sacramento Kings Move to Anaheim (Again)

The talks between the city of Sacramento and the ownership of the NBA's Kings may have broken down, but league Commissioner David Stern says the franchise will not move to Anaheim or anywhere else.

"If there was a vote now, there would be no support for a move," Stern said during a press conference at Game 1 of the NBA Finals Tuesday (won by Oklahoma City, 105-94 over Miami).

When negotiations for a new arena in Sacramento broke down in March, Anaheim was once again propped up as the next destination for the Kings, especially since the Honda Center is at least rumored to be where the wives of owners the Maloof brothers want to see the team play.

Maloof Brothers Again Play Anaheim Card in Talks to Keep NBA's Kings in Sacramento

But Stern is obviously still awash in the warm glow that came out of Sacramento months ago, when Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Maloofs seemed to be on the same page about keeping the Kings in Cow Town. 

"I believe the ownership that says they're planning to stay there," Stern said after being asked about a possible move by TNT's David Aldridge.

At least Anaheim knows where it stands. Again.

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