Nadia Maria Davis-Lockyer Resigns as NorCal Supervisor--Then Opens Up About Scandal

Last month, we told you about the sex/drugs/beating/cheating/porning scandal surrounding the daughter of Santa Ana community activism royalty and wife of California Democratic politics royalty.

This weekend, it was not only reported that the scandal led to Nadia Maria Davis-Lockyer's resignation as an Alameda County supervisor but an eye-opening interview where the 41-year-old claimed state Treasurer Bill Lockyer angrily told her to "go ahead and commit suicide" and her rehab lover "bashed my head into the stone floor."

The seventh child of the late Wallace R. Davis, one of Santa Ana's first Latino lawyers to stand up for immigrants, Nadia Maria Davis made her name locally serving as a Santa Ana school board member, defending the falsely accused Arthur Carmona (R.I.P.) and working on the legal team that preserved the controversial victory of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) over "B1 Bob" Dornan. Her name changed to Nadia Lockyer when she married California's then-Attorney General in 2003. He's 70, and despite everything the couple has been through, they still live together with their 8-year-old son Diego in the Hayward Hills.

It is because of Diego, Nadia Lockyer says, that she resigned as Alameda County supervisor on Friday. "I'm resigning today as a mother," she reportedly said, "and as . . . I don't like to say the word 'victim,' but as somebody that didn't realize how difficult it would be to heal from what I went through the last year."

It had previously been reported that in December 2010, a month after she was elected to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, Ms. Lockyer met Stephen Chikhani, a San Jose construction worker with a history of arrests for methamphetamine use, at a Kaiser outpatient rehab program. During this past weekend's interview, she had herself meeting Chikhani in June of that year, while campaigning for the supes seat with millions of dollars her husband had left over from his campaigns. Chikhani was a meth addict, and Nadia Lockyer was hooked on alcohol and pain killers she'd been taking since a serious car accident from before she married Bill Lockyer.

Chikhani and Nadia Lockyer would go on to have a love affair that was exposed Feb. 3, when police rolled up to a hotel where she had been roughed up. Lockyer wound up being hospitalized for head and neck injuries after allegedly being beaten by Chikhani, who later claimed to have acted in self-defense.

Since then through this weekend's exclusive interview with the San Jose Mercury-News, sordid accusations, embarrassing text messages, voice mails claiming blackmail and allegations of a sex tape have filled Bay Area News Group page and websites.

"The public deserves and I think wants some answers and is tired of hearing about me and all this drama," Nadia Lockyer reportedly told the Merc's Julia Prodis Sulek. "I do need to resign and really, really focus on my recovery from both the assault and that abusive relationship, healing my heart and my psyche."

In her home and at a cafe near the rehab center she still visits, she went on to say pain and loneliness from the car accident and a miscarriage led her into the arms of Chikhani, a "peer" who is only a few years younger than she is. At the heat of the scandal, she says she wrote a suicide note. Bill Lockyer's go-ahead-and-do-it rant came after the affair was exposed--and his wife had admitted to still seeing Chikhani. He is said to have called her as recently as Thursday asking for forgiveness.

Nadia Lockyer says she feared she would be blackmailed, that it was she who emailed a reporter last week falsely blaming Bill Lockyer for buying and supplying her with drugs, and that she now imagines a new life focused on recovery and family. She says he has thanked her husband for "his incredible patience and love and understanding despite the things I shared about past hurts and losses."

Bill Lockyer issued a statement of his own Friday that said of his wife, "She has worked hard and well for her district. But the last year took a great toll on Nadia. It's best for her, best for Diego and best for our family that she leave public office."

One doubts anyone will line up to argue that point.

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