Knockout for Laguna Beach
Knockout for Laguna Beach

Muhammad Ali's Daughter Hails Laguna Beach

In a profile published today, the Chicago Tribune reports that Laila Ali--the second youngest daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali's nine children--loves Orange County's premier oceanfront community, Laguna Beach.

"I live in Los Angeles, and one of my favorite getaways is close to home--the Montage at Laguna Beach," said the 32-year-old Ali who appeared on Season 4 of "Dancing with the Stars," is married to an ex-NFL star and works as a professional boxer. "When I go to the Montage, I feel like I've gone somewhere far, even though I'm still close to home."

If that wasn't enough to delight the local chamber of commerce, Ali had another selling point.

"Laguna Beach is a beach town, which always is fun and there is great shopping," she added.

How 'bout them apples, Newport Beach?

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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