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Rep. Rohrabacher Accepts $40,785.00 From Drug Companies; Puts Drug Company Profits Ahead of Seniors

Huntington Beach MoveOn Members Urge Rep. Dana Rohrabacher to Cancel May 15th Medicare Sign-Up Deadline

Constituents will hold "Caught Red-Handed Check Deliveries" outside Rep. Rohrabacher's office

HUNTINGTON BEACH - On Thursday, May 11, residents of Huntington Beach and coastal cities will hold a "Caught Red-Handed Check Delivery" outside Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's office to expose his record of putting drug company profits ahead of seniors in the district.

Big drug companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and lobbying to get Rep. Rohrabacher and others to pass the Medicare drug program in 2003.

To corral seniors into the program, President Bush and Congressional Republicans are going to slap as many as 14 million un-enrolled seniors with heavy, permanent penalties if they fail to sign up by the May 15 deadline - amounting to a "seniors tax" on local seniors.

"This Republican Medicare law does more for the drug companies than it does for seniors in Huntington Beach," said Teddi Alves, MoveOn member in Huntington Beach. "Now, Rep. Rohrabacher wants to charge seniors with a huge life time penalty if they don't sign up for the bad deal by the May 15th deadline. Congress should stand up to big drug companies and protect seniors," Alves concluded.

On Thursday at 12:30 PM, local residents will deliver a big check to Rep. Rohrabacher's district office showing that he accepted $40,785.00 from big drug companies.

"Caught Red-Handed Check Delivery" Details: Who: Seniors and MoveOn members in Huntington Beach Where: District Office of Rep Dana Rohrabacher, 101 Main St, Suite 380, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 [Assembling @ Pier, PCH and Main]


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