More People Opposed to Gustavo as UCLA Commencement Speaker--Hooray!

Listen to the phone call above, which makes it

the second irate UCLA parent

to call my office line, and the second parent who didn't bother leaving a number so I could call them back and engage in polite discourse.

Then read this opinion piece

in the

Daily Bruin

from last week against the selection of me to speak at my alma mater's commencement ceremony next Friday,

which differentiates itself from the Daily Bruin's editorial against the choice

only in that it misused the word "otiose." Fun, fun, fun, but I'm disappointed: surely, the Facebook page set up to ask for a different UCLA commencement speaker than me can gain more members than the one set up last year for G-list actor James Franco? After all, I'm firmly in the firmament of the P-list, with the P standing for


, natch...


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