Moorlach, NY Times Refuse to Acknowledge Moxley

Our former sheriff Mike Carona made the New York Times a couple of days ago, and the parachute dispatch was boring save for the last segment:

In recent years, however, local news outlets reported accusations of murky financial dealings and the misuse of public money and accusations of infidelity.

At the time, most officials disregarded such reports, said John Moorlach, chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

“Who knows?” Mr. Moorlach said. “At the end of the day, they might have been very accurate, and we may be coming to grips with that.”

Hey Moorlach and Times: it wasn't "local new outlets" that reported Carona's idiocies. It was the ORANGE COUNTY FREAKING WEEKLY. More specifically, it was our R. SCOTT FREAKING MOXLEY.

And Moorlach: we're ashamed of you. "They might have been very accurate"?! You of all people should appreciate Jeremiahs railing alone in the wilderness--for you to dismiss Scott's reports show how much of a hack you truly are.


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