Trumpbros with Moscow's muleEXPAND
Trumpbros with Moscow's mule
Eric Hood / OC Weekly

Fountain Valley Pro-Trump Picnic Rally in June Cost Taxpayers $60,000

About 300 supporters of President Donald Trump turned out for a picnic and rally at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley on June 3, one that carried a hefty price tag for Orange County taxpayers. The small event organized by Southern California Silent Majority MAGA (psst! Killary won the popular vote by millions) featured political speakers like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Mars) and a four-mile march escorted all along the way by Orange County Sheriff Deputies (OCSD). A "murdered out" black SUV drove slowly along the march route, but the green-uniformed guys inside proved to be SWAT team members, not cosplay conservatives.

According to records obtained by the Weekly, the total costs of securing the hours-long MAGA picnic were $59,969.29. Four agencies worked the park that day, with the OCSD taking the lead. By the department's own figures, 70 deputies, 12 patrol cars and a helicopter keeping a close eye on the event cost $41,107.44. Deputies racked up 570 hours of overtime out of 611 total labor hours.

Event organizers didn't cover security-related costs—way to be financially responsible, cuckservatives! With so few Trumpers and even fewer protesters, why the heavy planning and presence?

"We deployed this number of staff in the event it turned violent, such was the case in Costa Mesa," says OCSD spokesman Lt. Lane Lagaret, referencing last year's Fracas at the Fairgrounds. "Our goal was safety of the public, crowd management and to show a strong police presence. It worked out well as there were no physical altercations or need for any arrests." 

SWAT escort
Eric Hood

And there weren't any antifa; only a handful of protesters and activists who handed out leaflets around the park before leaving early. OC Parks assigned 24 staffers to the event. The Fountain Valley Fire Department chipped in a battalion chief and two captains.

Fountain Valley Police Department declined to provide the number of officers, citing the information as part of its tactical and strategic planning process. They belatedly provided a related-personnel cost of $5,798.46 suggesting the department played a small, but supportive role. Marked patrol cars could be seen circling around Mile Square Park throughout the day.

"We were there to assist the Orange County Sheriff's Department to ensure there was no civil unrest at the park due to the rally," says Fountain Valley police spokesman Sgt. Kham Vang. "The safety of those in attendance [at] the rally, the safety of possible protesters, and the safety of the rest of the community were our primary concern."

The Mile Square Park picnic organizers were also responsible for putting together the Make America Great Again march in Huntington Beach earlier this year that turned violent and attracted noted white supremacists. Two-thousand demonstrators turned out for that national day of action. Of course, the post-election picnic party paled in comparison to Ronald Reagan's reelection rally at Miles Square Park that drew 50,000 in 1984. Despite the heavy deputy presence escorting the Fountain Valley MAGA march, some Trumpers still showed up dressed in helmets and holding shields, with more than a few Three Percenters in the crowd.

Hey, Trumpbros: Next time you march, have your daddy pay for the costs, m'kay?


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