Don't worry, Mike Carona: You're not rid of us yet!
Don't worry, Mike Carona: You're not rid of us yet!

Meet OC Weekly's New Owners, Same (Kind Of) As OC Weekly's Old Owners!

Guess what, kids! Your favorite infernal rag has new owners--kind of!

Today, Voice Media Group announced that it's buying out the Weekly and all of its sister papers (there's 13 of us, like any good Mexican family) from the former Village Voice Media. The new owners are some of our old leaders--Scott Tobias is the CEO (previously, he was COO of VVM) and Christine Brennan is in charge of all editorial (previously, she was executive managing editor of VVM). Our former drunk mick bosses, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, are out of the game and off to fight idiot prudes.

So does that mean that yours truly is getting deported back to Mexico? That Moxley will finally make a bunch of Republicans happy and vamoose? That Nick Schou will stop exposing dirty cops, that Coker will stop his blogging desmadre, that readers will finally discover the identity of our food critic, Edwin Goei?

Not even close--AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

You can read the press release by our newish owners here for all the particulars, but all I can say is that the mission of the Weekly remains, and that our owners are committed to that mission because, um, that was the old mission under them when we were called Village Voice Media. We remain, to raise hell, just like we always have.

Now, discuss!

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