Martin Cox, White-Power Icon, in Failing Health; Local Skinheads Organizing Concert Fundraiser

It's been an open secret in the white-power community that Martin Cox--frontman for more than a few hate-core band, a guy so old-school he was around when Oprah was interviewing neo-Nazis for ratings--has suffered from so many health problems over the past couple of years that he needs financial support.

Acolytes held a fundraiser for Cox--an Orange County native who moved to Idaho because he thought Mexicans had taken over Orange--a couple of years ago, and another is scheduled for next weekend.

"He recently suffered two major heart attacks and needs our help with medical expenses," reads a plea going around skinhead town aka Huntington Beach. "He is a good friend who has dedicated his life to our cause and now he needs our help."

Hmm...maybe if Marty cut down on the hate, his ticker wouldn't be so bad?

The email ends by railing about how Cox isn't getting a fair shake: "The system won't help him but we will. We are a united front against the hypocrisy of this nation." No details on the concert, as usual, because cockroaches like to hide like that.


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