Main Street Santa Ana LLC Evicts Everyone in Low-Income Apartments in Time for Holidays

Main Street Santa Ana LLC has offices in that California city as well as nearby Cypress and Midland, Texas, according to a quick search of listings on the Interwebs.

Consider that a friendly tip to all of Ocotillo Apartments' tenants who may want to send letters of displeasure over being served eviction notices last week informing them they have to be out of the Midland complex in a month--and just in time for the holidays.

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As reports, the eviction notices were the outfall of Main Street Santa Ana LLC's sale of the Ocotillo Apartments to a Midland corporation, which stipulated all residents must be pushed out to enforce the agreement.

Most were paying $400-$500 per month in rent for one-bedroom apartments, so you can imagine the tenants are not exactly Rockefellers. Many are living on disability and social security payments, and one tells that with a lack of apartments that cheap in Midland, some will be moving into their cars.

If they have cars.

They have until Dec. 7 to get out.

Happy holidays!

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