M-I-C ... See You in Your Nightmares ... K-E-Y

To publicize his "Big Retro 3-D Slide Show" at the Curtis Theater in Brea this weekend (go to charlesphoenix.com for info and tickets), Charles Phoenix has pulled an old Disneyland photo out of his vault.

Which begs the question: Did kids have nightmares after visiting the Happiest Place on Earth in 1956?

M-I-C ... See You in Your Nightmares ... K-E-Y

Here is the slide show curator's description of his Slide of the Week:

One of the three little pigs and Alice of Wonderland look on as the King and Queen of the Magic Kingdom meet and greet their subjects on Main Street. Minnie is sparkling with charm as usual. The little pig is very cute even if he does looks like a space alien. But Mickey seems to be having a bad day. He's as white as a ghost and looks like he just saw one, too.

Now that I think of it, are Minnie and Mickey married? Have they ever been Mr. and Mrs. Mouse? Or are they still dating? Are they divorced? What's up with those two? And if they're not married, why not? They're the perfect couple, but rarely do we see them at Disneyland together. Somehow in the seemingly infinite realm of Disney lore, Mickey and Minnie's relationship status has been lost on me and I'm really curious.

Here's to Minnie and Mickey, married or not, and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
Los Angeles


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