Lush Stores Want to Wash Away Animal Testing

Lush Stores Want to Wash Away Animal Testing

It's not unusual in this day and age to see people demonstrating outside a store over some perceived injustice. Often this can involve the mistreatment of animals, especially if the merchant is selling them as a meal or clothing made of from their fur or products that involved animal testing. Lush at Anaheim's GardenWalk--just follow your nose to the front door--will be the site of a demonstration over animal testing for cosmetics, only it's the soap/bath bomb/natural cosmetics store that's putting it on.

The noon event coincides with "World Week for Animals in Laboratories," and Lush has partnered with the Humane Society International and Humane Society of the U.S. to take part in a signature-gathering campaign to end cosmetics animal testing or the sale of products made that way.

"The beauty industry continues needless animal testing and it's time for it to stop," says Kate Willett, director of regulatory toxicology, risk assessment and alternatives for the Humane Society of the U.S., in a statement. "Consumers are largely unaware that some shampoos and lipsticks still involve chemical poisoning of animals such as rabbits and mice. Science has moved us beyond this and there is no place for cosmetic testing on animals in modern society."

"Animals across the globe have waited long enough for legislation to end their cosmetics suffering," adds Brandi Halls, Lush's campaigns director. "While testing bans are not yet in place in every country in the world, companies like Lush have adopted voluntary codes of practice to cut animal testing from their business. But animals should not have to rely on voluntary codes of conduct--they should be protected by robust laws which force ALL companies to adopt humane methods to bring their products to market."

More than 700 Lush stores in 48 countries are taking part today. For more on the Be Cruelty Free petition, visit

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