Lou Correa Lets Online Poker Bill Ride

State Senator

Lou Correa

(D-Santa Ana) has introduced a bill that would help cut into California's budget deficit by installing an online poker system that aims to generate $1 billion in state revenues and 1,100 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Vegas gives it 3-5 odds to pass--or at least Vegas does in my fantasy world.

By the way, the economic projections are based on a study Correa is using to support his gaming-industry-backed legislation.

Lou Correa, knowing when to hold 'em, knowing when to fold 'em.

He calls it a way to address Cali's $26 billion budget deficit and 12 percent unemployment rate in one winning hand. Without raising the ante (taxes). Otherwise, we might go bust.

Please make me stop.

"Governor Jerry Brown is rightly looking to not only cut costs, but to also identify new sources of long-term revenue to help balance the state budget and to continue funding important public services including education, public safety and health care," Correa says. "Senate Bill 40 is a great opportunity to immediately generate more revenue and put Californians back to work. More important, it keeps California revenue and jobs here, instead of going out of state or offshore."

Another study apparently shows two-thirds of Californians support the installation of an online poker system to ease the economic mess--as long as the river is a club.


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