Don Papi Pulido: So cavalier as to make up endorsements?
Don Papi Pulido: So cavalier as to make up endorsements?

Loretta Sanchez Un-Endorses Miguel Pulido--Or Did She Ever Do it in the First Place?

Remember how I wrote over the weekend that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was scheduled to speak at the kickoff fundraiser for SanTana Mayor-for-Life Don Papi Pulido? Sources told the Weekly that volunteers asked Sanchez about it at her own kickoff campaign event this past Sunday, the day after the Weekly broke the Don Papi Pulido story. Loretta, according to those present, told a group of about 20 volunteers that not only was she not attending the Don Papi's shindig, but that she never allowed Don Papi's campaign to use her name in the first place! ¿Que qué?

We contacted Loretta's office to see if the story was true. "Loretta was unable to attend the event due to votes in Washington," wrote Sanchez deputy press secretary Caroline Hogan in an email explaining why the congresswoman was no longer attending Pulido's coronation before a bunch of hack Dems and Reeps. "She has not endorsed any candidates, for any races, at this time." Hogan didn't address the incident at hand, so it's safe to say it happened.

Fascinating, ¿qué no? The invite for Don Papi's fundraiser clearly stated Sanchez was to be the special guest, and I don't think Don Papi Pulido or his handlers are stupid enough to list someone with such name recognition to attend such an important event without an explicit endorsement from the person--or (cue Oscar Bluth), are they???


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