Lorenzo Oliver, Who Sued Anaheim Over Opossum Killing Arrest, Settles for $400k

The City of Anaheim can pretend all it wants that it is dead, but that will not disappear a $400,000 settlement with a father and son city cops arrested and detained respectively for the shovel killing of an opossum. Lorenzo Oliver's subsequent wrongful arrest lawsuit was rejected in federal court in Santa Ana, but the state appeals court overturned the ruling, finding there is no state law prohibiting possum killing.

Just ask Jed Clampett's Granny Moses!

Neighbors summoned police in March 2008 with reports Oliver's then-12-year-old son was repeatedly bashing the head of the opossum with the shovel. Anaheim Police Officers Ryan Tisdale and James Brown arrived in time to witness the spectacle and arrested the father for covering up the animal cruelty. The critter was eventually euthanized.


Oliver spent four hours in the city jail as his family arranged the $20,000 bail, and his son was detained at the police station. Criminal charges were never filed against the pair, but publicity from the case led to a backlash against the Olivers that included death threats.

The patriarch sued in federal court, claiming he and his son were wrongfully arrested and his family suffered emotional duress at the hands of police and the media. Judge Cormac Carney at the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana ruled against Oliver, so he appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

A three-judge panel concluded last summer it is not illegal to kill an opossum and that "a reasonable officer" should have known the arrests were unlawful. Oliver was allowed to sue each cop individually.

Lorenzo Oliver Can Sue Anaheim Cops for False Arrest in Opossum Slaying

The $400,000 settlement with the Anaheim City Attorney's office represents $100,000 for each hour Oliver was held in the city jail, according to his Newport Beach lawyer, Jerry Steering, who gets a cut of the award.

Hey, can Anaheim cops please wrongfully arrest me and hold me overnight? 'Cause daddy's got some major credit card debt.

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