Long Beach Still Has Pot Clubs?

According to an article in today's Long Beach Press Telegram, the city is trying to revoke the commercial license of the owner of a strip mall on Anaheim Blvd. The reason? The landlord keeps renting the building to pesky pot clubs.

All of which raises a question: are there really any medical marijuana dispensaries still operating in Long Beach? (Seriously: If you're reading this and can name a spot that's confident it's secure in its location by the time you finish reading this sentence, please comment below).

After all, the city--after raking in huge wads of cash for its controversial lottery process allowing dispensaries to grow and distribute pot in town--banned such clubs back in February. Meanwhile, the cops have been targeting clubs seemingly nonstop, most recently raiding seven outfits on Oct. 11, arresting some 40 people.

In any case, according to the Press Telegram, if the council votes tonight to revoke the landlord's commercial license, this will prevent it from renting the property to pot clubs, because it will lose the right to rent the property at all. Strangely, though, officials told the paper, this vote won't affect the pot club currently operating there.

Right, right: that's what cops are for.

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