MacDonald: Writers are big boys, too!
MacDonald: Writers are big boys, too!

Long Beach St. Professor Kevin MacDonald Really Just a Scared White "Intellectual"

This isn't part of our series on OC's white-power circle-jerk (you'll have to wait for the last part mañana), but this is too funny to wait and is related. A source forwarded us an interview that Long Beach St. professor Kevin MacDonald--he of the white-power, Westminster-based, deport-all-minorities American Third Position Party--did with an online radio show called Radio Free Mississippi. In the hour-or-so interview that aired last month, MacDonald talked a bit more about the American TP's position--if they ever came into power, he said, the first thing they'd do is deport all non-whites (including Jews, who MacDonald say are "hostile elites" and not white, but except African-Americans, who can "be what they can be" but that it was "a big mistake to bring Africans to this country") and "make the explicit statement that this is a white country" where homosexuality should be "strongly discouraged." He predicted a future that was "very dangerous for whites," where they'd be "at the mercy of other people" with "historical grudges" against whites, and predicted "less of a cataclysm" if whites organized now. "If white people don't wake up...we deserve to simply lose," MacDonald said. "If nobody fights back, we deserve our fate."

But the funniest part was when the host asked MacDonald about criticism he's received from other white supremacists that all he does is write intellectual articles that don't inspire people to rally in the streets. Quite amusing to hear the professor argue he's as macho as them, that writers and "intellectuals" are necessary for every movement, and that's his contribution. Big man!

Also, Kevin: "the vast majority of people" who attend a baseball game are white? Ever been to a Dodgers game? Hell, even at Angels games, every third person is a wab or a cholo...


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