Long Beach City College Students to Protest Program Discontinuance and Crappy Administration on May Day

May Day comes at the perfect time as Long Beach City College's administration is crumbling under its own ego.

Last week, student trustee Jason Troia anhiliated LBCC's Board of Trustees for their incredibly shady behavior surrounding the school's program discontinuence. Tomorrow, Troia, LBCC students, faculty, and trade organizations will march to protest against the inanities.

The decision to cut 11 vocational programs seemed to appear overnight. Troia, a 32-year-old English major, thought the decision seemed fishy and began investigating it several months ago. He uncovered that the trustees had barely consulted anyone outside of their inner circle, held the decision in a closed meeting, fudged their statistics, and blamed it on a lack of funds while having enough money the whole damn time. You can read more about the story,



Upcoming Events

If you would like to join LBCC in solidarity, the march begins at 10 a.m. on the corner of PCH and Orange in Long Beach. The protestors will walk to City Hall and rally upon their arrival. See you there!

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Long Beach City Hall

333 W. Ocean Blvd.
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