Summertime in the LGB.
Summertime in the LGB.

Long Beach Airport Named Most Affordable in the U.S.; John Wayne Ranks Fifth

SoCal-ers have long appreciated Long Beach Airport for making air travel less of a hair-pulling affair. Parking's a breeze, lines are relatively short and getting to the gate never requires a 10K sprint (we're lazy). 

Now there's another reason to love good ol' LGB. It's the cheapest in the country! The no-frills airport topped the 2011 Airport Affordability List, compiled by The website ranked 101 airports based on fares users found when searching for flights to "top destinations" like Orlando, London Heathrow, Las Vegas and Cancun during the month of June. 

So it's not really an extensive study. But what the site found was that an average flight from LGB ran travelers $223 during that month, while an average flight out of LAX (ranked 88th on the list) cost $474, more than double.

Santa Ana's John Wayne Airport scored well, too, coming in fifth in the nation. See the complete list here.  


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