Brownie: Begin the deluge!
Brownie: Begin the deluge!

Local Catholics Already Gloating About Crystal Cathedral Purchase, Despite Coming Closure of Diocese of Orange Parishes

So the big news today, as Clockwork Coker posted earlier, is that the Diocese of Orange bought the Crystal Cathedral, a development we correctly predicted months ago, and long before any other media outlets. Sure, that's a bit of gloating, but it's nothing like the pedo-apologists who despise me for showing how Bishop Tod D. Brown, Mater Dei, and all the things they love aided and abetted pedophile priests, and are currently leaving me all sorts of hilarious voicemail and email rubbing the sale in my face. Um, yeah...

Typical is the following letter, which assumes I'm angry that Brownie won the bidding war against Chapman University--which couldn't be farther from the truth.

The letter, of course, is anonymous. Come out and play, pendejo!

Must frustrate you like hell to see that even after a $100 million in settlements, the Catholic Diocese of Orange is still able to pay-up $55 million IN CASH for the Crystal Cathedral.  All the anti-Catholic effort that you, the media, and Hollywood try and spew to bring us down isn't working too well.  But I do want to thank you for helping us sift out the weak superficial Catholics, because those are the only ones who would be influenced by your immature efforts.  I wonder what its like to be so frustrated, bitter, angry, cynical, and critical, every day. ... must be tough to be you.  I do you give you kudos for making it easy for us to write to you ... Which means letters like mine don't really effect you much ... but neither to [sic] yours.

HILARIOUS! News, frustrating to me? Not at all. Me, anti-Catholic? It's Brownie and his donors who have protected and apologized for pedophiles since forever. It's Brownie who's going to start dismantling as much of the Orange diocese as he can to pay the $57.5 million price tag: lost in all the buzz about the sale was how Brownie plans to raise the cash. Don't believe the whiny Catholic above: it's not an all-cash transaction. All the Orange County Register reported was, "Brown said money for the purchase of the property will come from loans and sale of various properties owned by the diocese."

And what are some of those properties going to be? Parishioners at St. Callistus in Garden Grove, not far from the Crystal Cathedral, are going to have to find a new home, as Brownie unceremoniously decided to offer the campus to the Schuller clan. The current diocesan headquarters at Marywood will also be gone, and don't be surprised if Brownie uses the excuse of his new plaything to shut down other parishes, ESPECIALLY the poor Latino ones. OC Catholics, according to my sources who have never failed me, can also expect more admonitions for donations. But selling off all the fancy homes where priests live? Not in a long shot. One of Brownie's two two-story houses? HA!

Me, bitter? Not at all. This story is only going to get better, and everyone will soon realize that the Crystal Cathedral purchase--although better than Brownie's proposed $100 million cathedral; His Excellency should be lighting multiple votive candles to whoever is the patron saint of bankruptcy for saving his ass from that monstrosity--will be the bishop's enduring legacy: all shine, overkill, and avarice, with no substance whatsoever. Crystal Cathedral parishioners fretting that Catholics are now taking over: don't worry. Brownie's homilies are as vacuous as anything Old Man Schuller ever offered. Heckuva job, Brownie!


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