"Latinos for Trump" to Hold Rally This Weekend in Orange County—Somewhere...

Trump gave shout-outs to these two ladies from the stage when he spoke in Costa Mesa
Trump gave shout-outs to these two ladies from the stage when he spoke in Costa Mesa
Photos by Kevin Warn/OC Weekly

All week, Donald Trump has been fighting accusations that he's going soft on his deport-them-all/build-the-wall strategy regarding illegal immigration. In that wake, a group of Latinos who support Trump calling themselves—of course—Latinos for Trump have announced they're holding a rally this Sunday in Orange County.

Where? They haven't publicly announced it, probably because they know un chingo más of Mexis will show up to counter-protest. And the secrecy will also allow them to join their presidential candidate's anti-media conspiracy by claiming that the lamestream MSM didn't cover the Latinos for Trump rally. Whatever! Here's a video by one Trump supporter announcing the event. Note the pro-Trump soundtrack—the AutoTune track ain't that bad, but the salsa song ain't no Hector Lavoe:

Quick note: the Taco Bowl controversy he's referring to is a Latino Trumpbro conspiracy in which they claim that the Clinton campaign referred to Mexicans as "taco bowls," when everyone with a brain knows the Wikileaks-obtained emails referred to Trump's epic punking of Mexican foodno se hagan.

If you want more information, here's the Latinos for Trump link. Orange County, of course, has a lot of Latinos who support Trump—indeed, we're working on an in-depth interview with one of them right now. See everyone at the rally!

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