Laguna Beach Bike Task Force Wants to Change Gears

The Laguna Beach Bike Task Force tonight will ask the City Council that formed it in 2009 to consider its first recommendations.

No. 1: Change our name.

The council created the task force in the fall to consider reasons for and against creating bike lanes in the coastal town. This was to keep with the spirit of California's Complete Streets Act of 2007, which calls on communities to create roadways that are safe for everyone, including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

The task force has met several times since, and in its opinion the most important thing for the City Council to do to achieve this goal is to change the name of the Laguna Beach Bike Task Force to the Complete Streets Act Task Force.

Upcoming Events

So, that's what will be before the council when it meets at City Hall starting at 6 p.m.

The agenda item is here.

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