Kobe Bryant's Infidelity: Chatty Basketball Wives Snitched to Vanessa

TMZ reports that Vanessa Bryant got word of her husband's extramarital exploits via "a secret underground society of trained spies."   

Otherwise known as "women."  

According to the gossip site, NBA wives confront one another with any rumors of infidelity within the league, even if they've been sworn to secrecy by their husbands. Chicks before dicks? Not really. It's more to ensure that information will get back to them if their own men step out of bounds.    

After a 10-and-a-half-year marriage, Vanessa filed for divorce in an Orange County court. TMZ also reports that Vanessa gets the Newport Coast mansion they shared, and Kobe has already moved out. Is Kobe no longer an OCer?

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