Oh, Knotts ...
Oh, Knotts ...

Knott's Berry Farm's New Ride: Perilous Ponzi Plunge!

Mary Reafsnyder married into the Knott family--of berry farm, barf-o-coaster, commie-baiting, bedrock conservatism and greasy chicken dinner fame--years ago. Now she is being accused of running a Ponzi scheme by a Knott blood relative. Walter and Marion Knott's granddaughter Maureen Sloan, who is Reafsnyder's sister-in-law, claims she lost $10.5 million in the suspected scam.

And Reafsnyder didn't have to board a train with her six-shooter to do it (allegedly). Sorry, the robbed train ride is my first theme park memory. I think I was 4.

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Anyway, what Reafsnyder was was a principal at Silver Oak Leasing, an auto leasing company that, creditors claim, went missing $13 million while declaring bankruptcy. According to court papers, Silver Oak only had $3,000 in assets when a bankruptcy trustee took over the company in March.

Reafsnyder has denied any wrongdoing, but the creditors who include Sloan are so suspicious they're paying former FBI agent Gary Morley $165-per-hour to track down Silver Oak's missing assets, UPI reports.

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