Never should be the scene of a sex crime
Never should be the scene of a sex crime

Knott's Berry Farm Child Molester Isn't Happy With His Felony Sex Convictions

A 15-year-old Orange County girl enjoyed the crowded wave pool at Knott's Berry Farm's Soak City Water Park in Buena Park one afternoon in 2009 until she felt someone's raging erection thumping up against her butt.

According to court records, the shocked girl turned around and saw a heavyset man more than twice her age: an inappropriately horny Albert Omar Martinez.

Martinez wasn't done however.

He then fondled a 14-year-old girl at the park before his arrest, according to court records.

After winning two lewd conduct charges, prosecutors in the Orange County District Attorney's office wanted the defendant to take a two-year trip to a California prison as punishment and a potent reminded to leave kids alone.

But Superior Court Judge Gary S. Paer gave Martinez supervised probation because the illegal touching had been through clothes and the defendant lacked a serious prior criminal record.

That outcome might have left most molesters elated, but not Martinez, who appealed his case.

He believes that his two felony sex crimes should be reduced to misdemeanors so that probation officers can't hound him day and night.

Martinez (AKA Barriere)
Martinez (AKA Barriere)

But the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana wasn't sympathetic. Justice Kathleen O'Leary (writing in agreement with justices William Rylaarsdam and WIlliam Bedsworth concluded) concluded that because neither the defendant nor his lawyer objected to the felonies at sentencing they are barred from complaining now.

Upshot: Martinez--who was born in April 1978, lives in Los Angeles County and sometimes uses the name Alberto Omar Barriere--will continue to serve his five-year formal probation sentence that includes sex offender registration.

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