KCRW, OC Weekly to Begin Collaboration, Starting with Gustavo Offering Weekly OC Commentary!

This is going to be fun: today, I can announce that I've been asked by KCRW-FM 89.9 to be their Orange County go-to guy.


So what does all this mean? First and foremost, I ain't stepping down from this infernal rag--far from it, us Weeklings are going to have more fun than ever before.

Secondly, I'm going to start a weekly commentary on Orange County life (first one will air during All Things Considered Dec. 10, and we'll do them weekly come January at a to-be-determined day) that will supplement my monthly OC food reviews on Good Food with Evan Kleiman. My weekly rants won't be scripted pieces, but rather four-minute conversations with the KCRW news anchor on whatever the big story is in OC that particular week, with" occasional" forays into DESMADRE--did I say occasional? I meant "constant"!

I'm also going to bring back my much-missed monthly "Gustavo's Awesome Lecture Series!" (held in conjunction with Cal State Fullerton and the Fullerton Public Library) in which I sit down with authors/musicians/historians/locos and interview them in front of a live audience--now that radio people are involved, maybe we can podcast them! With KCRW, the Weekly will also host town hall meetings on the big topics in OC--we should've been doing these already, but I've been a bit busy this year learning how to be editor, promoting a taco book, and other crazy shit.

In addition, I'm going to work with KCRW to get Weekly stories and reporters on the airwaves--we're going to be the Cabeza de Vacas for KCRW so they can sonically conquer our wildlands. And I'm might even do some stories myself, once I learn how to work that fancy Marantz recorder I bought years ago but never bothered to learn how to use.

You can read the official KCRW press release here.

About the only bad thing regarding this is that I will no longer appear as a contributor on KPCC-FM 89.3, specifically the semi-weekly "Orange County Roundtable" on AirTalk with Larry Mantle. I was the last of the Mohicans on that segment, having joined it almost at its inception in 2003, and I want to thank Larry and his crew for not only allowing me the chance to enliven their airwaves with my lunacy, but also for taking a chance on Orange County as a place deserving of serious radio coverage. But opportunities are opportunities, so to paraphrase the Beatles: tomorrow may rain, so we'll follow the 10 Freeway (via the 55 to the 5 to the 91 to the 605 to the 105 to the 405) to Santa Monica.

Oh, I almost forgot: I'll also be an occasional token Latino for KCRW, too--but no Maná with me haha!

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