Kainat Syeda Gets Jail, Probation and Huge Restitution Bill for Stealing $225,000 in Tow Fees as Anaheim Police Cadet

A former Anaheim Police Department cadet who stole more than $225,000 in cash fees paid to the City of Anaheim for the release of impounded vehicles got a year in jail and five years probation at her sentencing last week. Kainat Syeda, 24, of Buena Park, was also ordered to pay $225,000 in restitution to Anaheim, $100,000 of which she ponied up Friday with a cashier's check.

With Syeda's conviction--she pleaded guilty to one felony count of the misappropriation of public funds and sentencing enhancements and allegations for theft exceeding $100,000 and property loss over $200,000--she is permanently barred from working in any public agency in California.

In addition to towing and storage fees, those who have their cars impounded in Anaheim must pay a "release fee" to the city. While working in uniform as a police cadet in the front lobby traffic bureau window at the Anaheim Police Department, Syeda took these payments, but instead of putting the cash in the register she kept it. Talk about your repeat offenders: Syeda did this 1,799 times for a $225,000 total haul. Another cadet eventually uncovered Syeda's thefts and, put under watch, she was caught in the act stealing even more. She was arrested on May 19, 2010.

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