Perez: Freaking the Democratic establishment out!
Perez: Freaking the Democratic establishment out!

Julio Perez, 69th Assembly District Candidate, Demolishes Competition at California Democratic Party Convention

Over the weekend, California's Dems met to party and go through the always hilarious process of fighting each other to earn the party's endorsement to--depending on the district--get slaughtered or slaughter. The latter is the case in the 69th Assembly District, the only district the Dems will win in Orange County this year.

As we wrote before, the Democrats running for the nomination are SanTana councilwoman Michele Martinez, county clerk-record Tom Daly, and longtime labor activist Julio Perez. Perez is freaking the establishment out, and he did it again during the convention.

Not only did he win the endorsement of the California Young Democrats, Perez demolished Martinez and Daly in the race to win the overall party endorsement. He received 15 votes, while Martinez notched only three, and Daly a laughable 1 (6 pendejos voted for no endorsement, most likely under the command of party establishment leaders working to derail Perez at all cost).

But Perez didn't win the party's nomination, because one of the delegates who voted for him actually lived in Los Angeles--whoops! Martinez was the person who challenged that vote, yet when the Liberal OC tried to ask her campaign manager about the maneuver, she ran away--HAHAHAHA!

Congrats, Julio, and the Dems who are going to make the next couple of months an entertaining internecine bloodbath...

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