Joshua Allen Robey Gets 13 Years to Life for Nightmarish Attempt to Kill Baby Son

Joshua Allen Robey, who was convicted last month of trying to kill his son by choking, punching and swinging the 2-month-old in a homemade noose, was sentenced today in Fullerton to 13 years to life in state prison.

It was tough mounting a credible defense considering the baby mama had secretly set up a camera to record the disgusting abuse.

Joshua Allen Robey GUILTY of Trying to Kill His Baby Son by Choking, Punching and Swinging in Noose

Actually, the camera had been hidden in the Anaheim home Robey's girlfriend shared with her mother because she believed the drifter and some time Costa Mesa motel resident was cheating on her.

But after Robey babysat his boy on Oct. 18, 2011, the video showed the dad wrapping a blanket around the infant's neck, picking the child up by lifting the ends of the blanket like a noose and swinging the baby around for more than a minute. Robey would go on to punch the 2-month-old several times in the chest with closed fists, repeatedly slap the child and grab the baby by the throat.

At one point, as the baby cried, Robey covered the child's mouth with a hand, grabbed him by the neck with the other and shook him in the air. The dad then brought the son down and tried with the blanket and his hands to suffocate his pride and joy. The baby sustained fractured ribs, hemorrhaging of the brain and liver injuries.

Robey was convicted Aug. 19 of attempted murder, torture and child abuse, which had set him up for a maximum sentence of 15 to life.

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