Jon Fleischman's FlashReport For California Republicans Gains LA Times Attention

Orange County's Jon Fleischman, the youthful grand daddy of powerful California Republican bloggers, earned a noteworthy news story in today's Los Angeles Times.

Though he has plenty of critics, routinely treats me with outright contempt (I wasn't good for his onetime boss Sheriff Mike Carona) and strictly obeys a sense of personal loyalty to those who share his political philosophy, Fleischman's informative online operation deserved the attention.

As the Times story notes, the FlashReport is a key daily factor in California politics.

Times reporter James Rainey did a fair job but didn't necessarily break any new ground for those of us in OC. His key point was that Fleischman's publication can influence state government even at the highest levels and in the middle of the night.

Fleischman's allies aren't sure how to react to the story. Conservatives in California hate the LA Times and are always suspicious of its content. But this story--inadvertently or not--accurately made the case Fleischman is a heavyweight in state GOP affairs.

One key omission however is that Fleischman is the inseparable pal to former California Republican Party chairman, a Santa Ana chiropractic insurance king and longtime Times-hater Michael J. Schroeder, arguably OC's most influential GOP insider.

Go HERE to read the Times article.

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