John Boehner's Orange County Tee Party

John Boehner's Orange County Tee Party

The Los Angeles Times and other outlets are reporting that Orange County activists rolled out the welcome mat for House Speaker John Boehner, who was in Newport Beach yesterday. 

While angry citizens in Irvine protested the cozy relationship between Wall Street and our public representatives, the Orange County GOP was holding its annual Reagan Cup on the lush greens of Newport's Pelican Hill Golf Club. Outside the gates, 50 people, led by the Courage Campaign, called for Boehner to approve the jobs bill, which stalled in the Senate last week. 

While the group used bullhorns, drums and angry chants to get the attention of the Republican linksmen, the cherry on this cake was the airplane flying overhead towing a banner, which read "GOP Jobs Plan=Occupy Golf Course?"

Courage Campaign founder Rick Jacobs gained access to the clubhouse under the guise of having a morning tee time and attempted to personally hand Boehner a petition asking for republicans to move forward with the jobs bill. Boehner reportedly walked away from Jacobs after which time, the Ohio representative's spokesperson, Cory Fritz, spun into action.  

"Speaker Boehner always appreciates hearing the concerns and opinions of all Americans," Fritz said. "And he'll continue working to find areas of common ground where Democrats and Republicans can come together to help create jobs."

With all the recent talk about Occupying Wall Street, the Weekly's comment boards have been alight with angry ravings about Obama's economy-wrecking policies. They may be founded, but let's not forget, the bank bailout of 2008 had Boehner's full support.


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