Jerry Brown: Gay Weddings Can Resume

"With Prop 8 resoundingly rejected in federal court, there is no reason marriages can't resume now."

Jerry Brown, who wants to be California's next governor (again) posted that on his Twitter page less than an hour ago.

However, as the Golden State's current attorney general, he has done much more than simply tweet the afternoon away.

Brown filed a motion today calling for the resumption of same-sex weddings, two days after the state's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriages was overturned by U.S. Chief District Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco.

Besides finding Prop 8 unconstitutional, Walker imposed a stay on gay marriages in California and solicited arguments from both sides on whether they should be allowed amid an appeal filed by initiative backers.

Ironically, since Brown is the state's attorney general, he is named as a defendant in the lawsuit against Prop 8. But he refused to defend the case and cheered Walker's ruling.

Meg Whitman, Brown's GOP challenger for governor, came out against same-sex marriage but says she supports civil unions for gays.

It's unclear what Brown's posturing means officially when it comes to resuming gay weddings, but he's reportedly scheduled a 5 p.m. press conference to explain what is what.


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