Jack Osbourne Shadows Black Star Canyon Myth

It's unclear if hanging out in the pitch black in the Santa Ana Mountains is a way of treating a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but Jack Osbourne did just that in his reality show role on Syfy's Haunted Highway.

The son of Ozzy (and new proud papa himself) donned night goggles to join partner Dana Workman to find out if a "Shadow Man" of some sort of legend, apparently, haunts creepy Black Star Canyon.

Now, I'm no Black Star Canyon expert, having mostly found myself there after getting lost. I've heard of pentagrams and satanic rituals and supposedly weird slayings going on in those hills about six miles from Silverado, but a Shadow Man? News to me.

Based on Tuesday night's episode, Workman believes Shadow Man reached out and touched her (while she was blindfolded . . . hmmm), while Osbourne is not so sure.

"It's not proof that there's a shadow person," he said. "It just proves that there's a shadow."

Here's the teaser:

Wonder how many Black Star Canyon bats gave Ozzy's boy the stink (blind) eye?

Haunted Highway airs Tuesday nights on Syfy. Each episode has Osbourne and Workman checking out one location where paranormal activity has been reported while a second team visits a different spot.

According to my system's grid, repeat showings of what they call the "Darkman of Standing Rock/Blackstar Shadow Man" episode are scheduled Thursday, Friday and Monday nights.

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