Straight outta Buena Park?
Straight outta Buena Park?

Is David Vieyra Orange County's Heisenberg?

Have Santa Barbara police nabbed Orange County's Heisenberg? Or would it be more accurate to allege David Vieyra is our Gus Fring?

The 31-year-old Buena Park resident probably is not concerned right now with which Breaking Bad baddie most aligns with his alleged occupation, which according to Santa Barbara PD narcotics detectives is high level methamphetamine supplier.

His mistake may have been eschewing Los Pollos Hermanos big rigs in favor of schlepping drugs up to Santa Barbara area dealers himself, if we are to believe the cops. He was stopped along with his wife and two young children in the 500 block of Bath Street in Santa Barbara, where detectives say they found a pound of meth.

The narcs then got a search warrant for the Vieyra home in Buena Park, where they say they found two more pounds of meth. Three pounds of meth, which could fetch up to $150,000 on the streets if it's of Blue Ice quality, would be enough to send a junkie into the mesosphere (or methosphere, heh-heh).

However, it appeared on Breaking Bad that Walter White or Gus Fring stored much more meth than that. Of course, that fictional pair was also smart enough not to keep product in their homes.

Vieyra was popped on suspicion of transportation of methamphetamine, possession for sale of the drug and child endangerment.

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