Irvine Native's Coding Boardgame Kickstarter Is Nearly Funded

Have you heard? Coding is the future. Learning how to code is the key to your children's success. Don't know computer science? It's going to be a tough life.

I'm exaggerating a little, of course, but learning how to code is a pretty useful skill (even journos pick it up!) and Irvine native Raj Sidhu has a way for your kids to learn the basic concepts behind computer code -- it just needs to be funded.

He and his team have designed a board game, Code Monkey Island, that's supposed to lay the foundation for future computer science learning. It's being funded by Kickstarter and, if you're worried it's not going to fire, well, they're almost 90 percent of the way there, and it hasn't even been a week.

You can check out the pitch video here:

Interested? Here's a third link to the Kickstarter: LINK.

And here's some more of his pitch:

In today's world, programming is becoming one of the most important skills for students and professionals to have. And programming isn't just for programmers - even for designers like myself, knowing how to program is almost a requirement to keep up with the tools we use and build every day.

Already, countries like England, Finland, and Estonia have made programming part of the core curriculum for elementary school students, and in the past year alone, incredible tools have been built (and funded by platforms like Kickstarter!) to help teach very young children how to think like programmers.

I wanted to pick up where those tools left off, and create a crazy fun, family-friendly board game that could help kids ages 8 and up learn real programming concepts used by real programmers. Enter Code Monkey Island!

Good luck, guys!

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