Irvine Called 6th Worst Place to Drive in U.S.

Irvine is reportedly the sixth worst place in the country to drive through.

That's based on CNN Money rankings that may hold a clue as to how Irvine can afford to be one of America's safest cities.

"The National Speed Trap Exchange identifies 66 speed traps in Irvine," relates CNN Money.

That, coupled with a low average driving speed, is credited with Irvine experiencing a growth in lawyers who specialize in traffic/speeding cases.

Of course, if traffic is so bad that the average speed in the city is low, how does one get cited for speeding?

Maybe that hypnotic Great Park balloon is the blame.

Holding the No. 1 spot on CNN Money's top 10 (bottom 10?) list is Brooklyn (see: "No sleep 'til . . .). Irvine is even ranked ahead of Los Angeles (No. 8) in traffic suckiness. But at least we're not New York. Following Brooklyn is Queens at No. 2 and Manhattan at No. 4. Indeed, most of the 10 worst are back east.

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