Jill Stein is coming to Irvine.EXPAND
Jill Stein is coming to Irvine.

Jill Stein to Green Up Irvine Today

Jill Stein: true representative of America's progressive movement or spoiler who sapped votes away from Hillary Clinton paved the way for a Donald Trump White House ... DISCUSS!

You'll get your chance at Heritage Park in Irvine today, when the Green Party's most recent presidential candidate is scheduled to speak during an event that runs from 7-10 p.m.

Stein is nearing the end of an eight-day California speaking tour that began March 8.

As my colleague Gabriel San Roman put it before the election, "Bernie Sanders ain't the only Jewish candidate and Hillary Clinton ain't the only woman running for President of these United States." Click here for Gabriel's full interview.

Heritage Park is at 14301 Yale Ave., Irvine. Learn more about the event via Facebook or more about the tour via Jill2016.com.


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