Incestuous Pedophile OC Parent Loses Battle

​A Costa Mesa man--who repeatedly raped his own daughters and liked to get high school girls and boys drunk in preparation for orgies--will remain locked in prison after his legal efforts to paint his victims as liars failed today at a California Court of Appeal.  

The justices found that an Orange County trial had produced sufficient evidence that Robert Gene Butterfield, a massive 6-foot-5, 275-pound Herman Munster-looking fellow featured in a previous article found HERE, was a relentless serial pedophile with a violent streak until on-the-ball police work by Costa Mesa cops caught him in 2005. 

Largely because he raped and used electrical cords to beat his own offspring, Butterfield received a sentence of more than 120 years in prison. On one occasion he choked one of his girls, then just 11 years old, so severely her left eye popped blood. On a monthly basis, he forced his children to watch pornography and smoke marijuana before ordering them to perform sex. 

One of his daughters said she was forced to orally copulate her father and make herself available for sodomy beginning at the the age of "10 or 11." These crimes occurred "at least a hundred" times, she testified in Judge James A. Stotler's Santa Ana courtroom.

The other daughter reported that Butterfield liked to take her to the garage where he raped her orally, anally and vaginally before threatening to kill her if she told anyone, according to testimony.  
--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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